Packing For A Thrilling Trekking Trip

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How long it’s been that you have not planned for an exciting trip? Life really becomes mundane when it lacks something refreshing or exciting. So, take a break from you busy work schedule and plan for a thrilling trip to some amazing cliffs of Australia. Australia is always known for its unparallel natural landscape and captivating beauty. It won’t be a bad decision to trek to some of the amazing cliffs like The Kimberley, Western Australia or to the Bunda Cliffs in South Australia. Let’s take a look in brief, the things that you require to carry during this journey. 

Plan your journey

Planning is very crucial in such trips as you need to prepare a route, arrange tents, carry foods and take up various tasks for a safe journey. It’s always better to go with a team or friends rather going alone. So, plan the trip, fix the dates and then set out for the most rewarding trip.

Things to pack

The terrain might not be familiar to you so you need to pack your bag accordingly. Keep it light as much as possible as you need to trek miles every day. Find out the necessary items that you need to carry:

Personal locator

There might not be any suitable map that you can follow. And more so, the phone battery will die within couple of days and then you need to chalk out your own route to the cliff. So, in such situations carrying a PLB beacon is a smart idea.

The PLB beacon or the emergency locators can be hugely beneficial if you are traveling for the first time. Such beacons can help you during emergency by transmitting signal to the rescue team through satellite. So, do not forget to carry the one with you for emergency assistance.

Water and food pack

There might not be any source of water on the route and so you need to carry some good amount of water with you. Particularly, in such adventure trips, do not commit any mistake. Carry dry foods and water in abundant.
Planning for night halt?

For long trip, you might need to set up your night stay under the clear sky. However, carrying lightweight tent and bedroll can be a good option.

Emergency kit

Carry an emergency kit, which will have torch, a knife, rope, first aid, bug spray, battery, match box and so on. These are small items, but immensely necessary in such thrilling trips.

Also, you should know a bit about the location, the local police station and some common facts about the cliff. At times, such information is very helpful to wrap up an astonishing, safe journey.