Buying a brand new camper trailer can hurt your pocket today or your retirement fund in the future. If you’re a first time buyer of a trailer, experts would suggest you to look for a pre-owned trailer that is cheaper and can be more suitable for your camping style and needs.

Pros and cons

During the camping’s peak season, you can see a lot of off road camper trailers for sale in Perth and as a first time buyer, you should consider buying a pre-owned trailer. Here are some pros and cons for a pre-owned trailer.camper trailers


• You get more out of your money.

• Buying a brand new trailer and using it the first time immediately reduces its value.

• Pre-owned trailers can hold much longer compared to a new one.


• Some minor or major problems may arise when you use your trailers.

• There may be no warranties.

• The seller may not tell you information about the trailer.

Tips for buyers

• Try going to different trailer dealers at your local area. Check out the different units that they are selling, appropriate prices and compare it to one another.

• Don’t buy the first trailer that you see. Buying a trailer involves a lot of money, so you should try to inspect each trailer with a meticulous eye and choose the one that will suit your style.

• Make a list of what you want to have in your trailer. This will ensure that you won’t miss any important details while looking for trailers.

• When you found the trailer that you want to buy, try to make an offer in the counter. Most dealers would still lower the price so that they could sell their products.

• Try to buy trailers during winter and tax sale, dealers during this time of the year are more eager to sell their products.

• Always make sure to research on the internet first and read some articles and forums before going to your local dealers. This way, you could have an idea about what’s hot and what’s not in a trailer and to know the appropriate prices for pre-owned trailers around the country.

• Try to bring someone with you when looking for trailers to buy; they could give you extra eyes to inspect trailers thoroughly. They can also ask questions to the dealers that you may forget. They can share opinions and ideas in the trailers that you will look at.

Remember that buying a brand new item is not always the best choice, sometimes you would have to put your trust in things that are already used but still can give you a great service for their reasonable prices.