Different Kinds Of Racing Boats

There are different types of boats that are used for racing. These vary from human powered craft to yachts that offer greater speed. The vessels are of different sizes and offer different advantages for boat racing.

Dragon boats

Among the different boats that are used for boat racing, dragon boats are popular. These are designed as long and narrow and usually have a multi person crew to paddle. About twenty to fifty people race a dragon boat. The crew needs to paddle by timing their strokes and a drum is usually played to help them work their strokes in unison. The drummer is an important crew member of these boat crews as this person sets the pace for the paddling. Usually dragon boats are decorated with a dragon’s head and tail. These boats, when they are being worked upon, need a good commercial boat repairs.


Outrigger canoes are used for boat racing. This kind of boat racing hails from Polynesia. However, it is now popular among other countries as well. Some canoes accommodate a crew of three to four people while others can accommodate larger crews. The paddlers usually sit in a single row and face forward. The person who sits in front defines the pace of the strokes for all paddlers. These boats, when in need of maintenance, need to be taken for boat construction.

Modern boat races

In modern boat races jet spring boats are used. These usually carry two people. These boats are not powered by propeller, but the water jet system propels it forward. In these boats the locomotion is defined by drawing up water which is then pumped into the vessel. Water is expelled through the nozzle that is at the back of the boat. This type of boat races is conducted in shallow water where there are interconnected channels. Other modern boats are hydroplanes. These are also used in a form of racing. These are used for racing in rivers or lakes and draw in large crowds. The design of these vessels is such that, when they travel at full speed the hull barely touches the water. The vessel skims across the water surface.

Yacht races

A popular sport that has opted for is yacht racing. Sailboats can be of different sizes when it comes to sailing them as yachts. These include keelboats which have a beam around the hull. They can also be catamarans where the tow hulls are joined as well as racing dinghies that are small and move swiftly through the water. Some yacht races take place in protected water bodies while others can take place in open water. Larger yachts often run global races, circumnavigating the world across the different waters.